The Macron law will come into force in 2017

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From next year, this law will require online registrations of transport certificates. To carry out international and national (cabotage) transport services, the enterprises must register the “transport certificate” through the web page of the French Ministry of Employment.

The Macron law was approved by the French Ministry of Employment last 1st July; it establishes that all the transport enterprises that want to run international or national (cabotage) transport services through this country must carry inside the vehicle the corresponding documentation: transport certificate, in which we can see the details of the company and driver, the salary remuneration, as well as a copy of the employment contract.

In addition, from 1st January, before carrying out any transport service in France the transport companies must obtain the transport certificate online, through the web page of the French Ministry of Employment (called SIPSI and also at [] ). After, they must provide a copy of that document to the driver; this copy must remain always inside the vehicle.

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