All Scandcargo was created by the current manager, Rafael Valero, after having cultivated his career in all areas of transport since 1998.

Mr. Valero focused his early activities on a very demanding client – Scandinavia. Later, All Scandcargo expanded to countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Portugal…

We are now one of the leading companies in Europe, specialized in comprehensive logistics. All Scandcargo’s prestige is recognized by our clients worldwide, in particular for the high level of quality we provide in our services.

This quality guarantee is the result of:

  1. The professionals that make up our company, with extensive experience in the sector and an even greater human component.
  2. The response and trust that our clients deposit in us through our commitment to them.
  3. Goods monitoring through our tracking and tracing equipment, together with the preparation and processing of the required documentation.



Rafael Valero



All Scandcargo offers unparalleled service for even the most demanding clients:

Quality Transports

Quality Guarantee: it is our policy not to charge for our service if we do not fulfill the terms of the agreement with the customer. Worry-free Service: we will take care of any transport-related procedures from receipt of your shipping order until delivery at the final destination.

quality transport warranty

Quality Transport service: provided under the cover of the CMR Convention and by means of a commercial contract between All Scandcargo and the client. Service is not guaranteed in the case of events of force majeure. Contact us for further information on Quality Transport, and we will answer any questions you may have.