Europe requires Portugal, Poland and Luxemburg to implant an electronic register of transport undertakings

These electronic registers contain information about the companies that are authorised to work in all Member States; furthermore in 2016 there were three sentences that evidenced the existence of countries which did not comply with this requirement.  Community legislation demands that these registers are interconnected in order to create an electronic register of road transport undertakings, what has been named as ERRU. As a result a better exchange of information between the states is achieved and also, a better legislative activity.


Fruits and vegetables transport keeps free form the restrictions of truck traffic in Spain

Last Friday 7th of April, Ministry of Interior published on the BOE the resolution that modifies the restrictions imposed to heavy goods vehicles, that was announced by the administration at the beginning of the year. The transport of perishable goods, such as fruits and vegetables, will not be affected by traffic restrictions on weekends, public holidays or holiday outward and return journey periods. This decision tackles the existing problem on the sector of temperature controlled transport in Spain, at the same time it helps improving the conditions for...

The infrastructure measures to encourage the use of alternative fuels have come into effect

The last 9th of December, the Council of Ministers approved a royal decree that established a framework of measures to implement the provision of infrastructure for alternative fuels. This measure was published in the Official Bulletin of the State (BOE) one day after its approval and it is already working.



FETRANSA has received negatively the new measures announced by the government

The formation of the new government has created a big expectation. This expectation has been taken with cautiously by road transport sector, in regards with the possible implantation of the Eurovignette and the increase of special taxes such as the mineral oil tax, which has created annoyance among the transport sector.



First judgement for transport enterprises to complaints against the SS

Administrative Court No. 4 of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria has just considered the lawsuit of a transport enterprise which demands the devolution of their income because of the possible misuse of funds. This enterprise considered that their drivers must have been contributed in terms of labour accidents or occupational diseases by activity CNAE, a 3.70% instead of the occupation f), a 6.70%.



Checks at transport enterprises will be intensified because of labour inspectorates

The employer must keep a daily register of the number of working days that employees carry out, with the intention of compensate working overtime. All the employees must keep this register, regardless of whether they work overtime or they do not, they have to report in the register as well if they work part or full time. Labour inspectorates will be focused on enterprises with less than 50 employees.

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The Macron law will come into force in 2017

From next year, this law will require online registrations of transport certificates. To carry out international and national (cabotage) transport services, the enterprises must register the “transport certificate” through the web page of the French Ministry of Employment. The Macron law was approved by the French Ministry of Employment last 1st July; it establishes that all the transport enterprises that want to run international or national (cabotage) transport services through this country must carry inside the vehicle the corresponding documentation: transport certificate, in which we can see...

New European Commissioner for Transport and Space

The Slovakian Maros Sefcovic has been appointed by the president of the European Commission, Jean Claude Juncker, as the new Commissioner for Transport and Space. He will replace the current commissioner, Siim Kallas. Since 2009, Sefcovic has held positions in the Commission in the areas of education, training, health and consumer affairs.

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